A Happy City

My parents moved to Downey in the early 90s seeking better opportunities for their future family. My family is a working class family with immigrant roots, a common story like so many others here in Downey. I grew up here and experienced the benefits of what growing up in the suburbs was like. But I also witnessed decades of neglect to neighborhoods like mine.

As an adult I continued to witness the neglect of those neighborhoods by current and past leadership. Those same benefits my parents came seeking here in Downey, have wilted for their children. Home ownership is out of reach for many, rents are skyrocketing, families are needlessly burdened under the high cost of living, and small businesses are failing while Covid-19 ravages the country.

I'm running for Downey City Council District One because I want to make sure that the next generation of kids after me, the adults who grew up here, and their aging parents know that they will have someone on the City Council who is in their corner. Someone like me. I hope to earn your vote this November 3rd.


Get Involved

As a grassroots campaign any and all support goes a long way in reaching out to the voters in District One. One way to become involved with the campaign is by joining our phonebanks in contacting our neighbors and sharing Alexandria's platform and vision for Downey. Another way to get involved and continue our outreach in engaging the voters of Downey is through your financial support. No matter how small, your contribution will go a long way in reaching out to the community.


Community Engagement

The best way to a happy city is having an empowered community. An empowered community  understands the power of their voice. Your voice matters and Alexandria is here to listen.


Urban Safety

Everyone should feel safe moving through the city environment. Free of harassment by other people or by cars. Restructuring our urban environment to be safe for everyone is something we can do if we prioritize it.


As a renter, Alexandria knows the struggle of finding a safe, secure, place to live in. Renters are community investors and deserve to have a voice in their local government advocating for their needs.


Downey is surrounded by freeways which continuously pollutes the air we breath. While we can't control the pollution around us we can work to bring down air pollution within the city. We need improved infrastructure to bring us a better quality of life and protect our environment.

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