Alexandria's Campaign for A Happy City Began at Home

Alexandria has a vision for Downey, for it to become a more inclusive city. A city that prioritizes the well being of everyone who lives here and actively cares for the environment. A city that people can call happy. 

Alexandria grew up in Downey after her parents moved there looking for better opportunities for their future family in the early 90s. As a child she spent her days playing in Furman Park and biking with her family to what she called "Ducky Park" (also known as Wilderness Park). She went through the Downey public school system along with her younger sister and graduated from Warren High School with Distinguished Honors. Afterwards she went to Long Beach State earning a few academic achievements along the way. There she completed her Bachelors in three years Majoring in Political Science, with an emphasis on Law, Politics and Policy, but stayed an extra year to earn her Minor in American History. 

The day after her graduation she was on an early morning flight to Boston, Massachusetts to work in non profit fundraising. That same role took her to Albuquerque, New Mexico where she eventually moved on to a community service position as a Volunteer Coordinator and Office Assistant with Joy Junction, one of the largest homeless shelters in the city. She experienced firsthand how a lack of servant leadership affected the people who lived and worked at Joy Junction. Despite all the work done there, it wasn't going to change the structural disenfranchisement.








After being away she decided to move back home and bring back everything that she learned to her hometown of Downey. She wanted to bring the best that she saw in every city that she lived in, back home. She quickly became involved, showing up to City Council meetings, assisting with the homeless count, and working with greater LA County organizations like Everyone In. She began working as a housing advocate, taking on another Regional Organizing Position with California YIMBY. She went to City Council meeting after City Council meeting with her requests and ideas, but they kept falling on undisturbed ears. It was due to seeing people struggle needlessly with COVID-19, along with great encouragement from her community, that she decided to run for the City Council District One seat.


She has a vision of a happy city, a more inclusive city that truly reflects the diversity of all who live here. That city can be Downey. Join her in the happy city campaign today. 

So she turned to education and electoral politics taking a position as a Regional Organizing Director with NextGen America. There in Virginia and Arizona, she worked on  voter education, engagement, and turn out. She and her team successfully turned out voters in the 2018 midterm election and helped elect new leaders for the 2018 Blue Wave.