Endorsements for political candidates can inform you about a candidate's values and their commitment to upholding certain principles, like equality and inclusiveness. When a political candidate applies for an organization's endorsement, its very much like a job application as you are competing against the other candidate or candidates in your race for the single endorsement. You fill out a questionnaire and have an interview with the organization's leadership before they make their final decision on who to endorse. If you receive an organization's endorsement, that organization believes that you will uphold their values and be true to your commitment once elected. 

LACDP Main Logo Seal.jpeg
LA County Democratic Party

Alexandria is the only candidate in the District One race to have received the LA Democratic Party Endorsement. A registered Democrat fighting for progressive values she won the endorsement due to her record of activism in the community in fighting for a better Downey.

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Stonewall Democratic Club LA

The Stonewall Democratic Club is committed to achieving equality for all and to advancing progressive and feminist values through the Democratic Party. Alexandria received their endorsement due to her commitment to fighting for equality for all.

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California Renters Caucus

The California Renters Caucus is working within the CA Democratic Party on behalf of rent control, just cause evictions, and affordable housing. Alexandria received their endorsement because of her record of fighting for housing and keeping tenants in their homes here in Downey.

LAFed-logo-seal (1).png
LA County Federation of Labor

The LA Fed has long been a force for equality and opportunity in Los Angeles. Alexandria supports unions and believes that through organizing and union labor we can bring greater protections and benefits for workers in Downey. Alexandria is the only candidate in the District One race to use union print shops and union labor for her campaign needs. Check out her yard signs for the union bug!

Streets for All

Streets for All believes that people should be able to move around the city safely regardless of income, zip code, or means of transportation. Alexandria believes that kind of accessibility belongs here in Downey. She's committed to changing Downey's urban infrastructure to making sure Downey's streets are for all.

LACYD logo.png
LA County Young Democrats

LACYD was established to give young Democrats a voice and a vehicle for activism in local, state and federal political issues. Alexandria is committed to making sure all people from all backgrounds and ages have a voice in City Council.

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Abundant Housing LA

Abundant Housing LA wants lower rents and a more sustainable and prosperous region, where everyone has more choices of where to live and how to pursue their dreams. Alexandria is committed to bringing that vision here to Downey, so everyone can achieve their pursuit of happiness.